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Login – CAS – Central Authentication Service – Work-Study

UC Berkeley. CalNet Authentication Service C alNet ID: P assphrase (Case Sensitive): Show HELP below Hide HELP. Forgot CalNet ID or Passphrase? Manage my CalNet account + + How to Sign In as a SPA. To sign in to a Special Purpose Account (SPA) via a list, add a "+" to your CalNet ID (e.g., "+mycalnetid"), then enter your passphrase. The next screen will show a drop-down list of all the …

Work-Study Program: Welcome! Please Log-In

Work-Study Program: Welcome! Please Log-In. Welcome! Please Log-In. If you do not have a User ID and Password, click here. For information on how to become an off-campus Work-Study employer, select " Work-Study Information for Off-Campus Employer ."

Work-Study – Financial Aid & Scholarships

Work Study | Library Administrative Services

Inform Library Student Employment and your direct supervisor that you are eligible to receive Work Study funds. Student Employment will send you a job referral through the Work Study Website. Log into the Work Study Website via CalNet authentication. Accept the job referral. The workstudy office is unable to retroactively use Work Study Awards, which is why it is very important to accept your job …

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How to contact Cal Student Central work study?

For additional Work-Study questions, students can call Cal Student Central at (510) 664-9181, phone hours: 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. or open a case. Employers with questions should email [email protected] Welcome to the Work-Study Program, we look forward to working together to provide Work-Study opportunities for students.

How to find a job at UC Berkeley?

If you receive financial aid from UC Berkeley, and have a Federal Work-Study Program award as part of your financial aid package, you can log in with your CalNet ID to search the job listings. You can search for a particular job category or you can sort according to the job headings. For job details, click on the 10-digit job number.

How does the work study program help students?

The Work-Study Program encourages students to seek part-time employment while they are enrolled in school so they have a greater opportunity to earn rather than borrow money to pay for educational expenses.

How to apply for a work study job?

For job details, click on the 10-digit job number. You can apply for work-study jobs just as you would apply for any job—with a resume, and, to increase your chances of getting an interview, a cover letter. The employer chooses how applicants apply for the job, selects the candidates to be interviewed, and does the hiring.